Is Amazon the Next Random House?

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Will Amazon take over the publishing industry? I wouldn’t bet against them. Currently Random House is the largest publishing house which means it has more than the lion’s share of control over which books get published and which don’t. But Amazon has taken a big bite out of that share.

Last year alone, 764,448 self-published titles were produced (not all with Amazon). Random House only published 289,729 books. Gains on ebook sales are up 300%. And traditional publishers are still re-releasing some older books rather than take chances on new authors. That means there are plenty of excellent quality books that cannot get published the traditional way. Not so long ago, authors who were tired of rejection put their manuscripts away in a drawer and no one ever read them again. Due to the self-publishing revolution, that has all changed and the book marketplace has become a richer place because of it.

As Amazon and other smaller online publishers take the place of traditional publishers, book bloggers have taken the place of all the corner book stores. They sell titles online instead of on our local streets. And what a thriving community it is. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings.


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