On Becoming Yoda

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elderly_womanLike most children, my daughter is always asking for things: my help, a new book, or my permission to do this or that. But my daughter’s latest request is for me to live to be 130 years old. The reason for this is that she is planning to live to a ripe old age and she wants us both to die on the same day. “Then I will never be without you,” she said.

“If I live to be 130 years old, I’ll look just like Yoda! I’ll be three feet tall with three gray hairs across the top of my head,” I complained.

“That’s perfect! You would be so cute as Yoda.”

I groaned. “Well, it might be easier to live to be 130 than to actually become as wise as Yoda.”

“Oh, you can do it.” (My daughter is my biggest fan. Actually, I’m pretty sure that she is my only fan.)

Just to make my daughter happy, I started planning a healthier lifestyle so that I might have a remote chance to live to 130 and I also wondered how someone goes about becoming wise. I thought about it a long time and still had no clue how to acquire true wisdom when my daughter said, “And I want us both to die of laughter.”

And suddenly that seemed like the wisest thing of all, to die of laughter in the company of those you love most. What could be wiser than that?

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