New Reviews for The Wife of John the Baptist

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“This is such a beautiful book and sure to fire up controversy. Did John the Baptist have a wife? Was he really such a charming, charismatic and dare I say, sexy man? This novel is so human that you can almost hear the characters breathing. Filled with passion, amazing historical detail and triumph in the face of tragedy, the beauty of this novel will stay with you for a long time to come. A wonderful weekend read.”
“This is one of the most interesting historical fiction novels I have ever read. It provides incredible insight into the life and times of John the Baptist. I never thought about the possibility of John the Baptist having a wife before but this book makes it very believable. The character of John’s wife is beautifully drawn. Not only does she immediately draw the reader into the story, she paints a picture of a marriage that is filled with love, yet very realistic. I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed every minute.”
“I heard of this author from her first novel and was excited to read the second release. This is an awesome love story, page turner and we highly recommend. It is an easy read and not too long. We bought four copies total and gave out to friends.”
“Incredible love story, gripping and hard to put down.”
“Lovely, engaging story celebrates the role of women.”
 “This well-told story often moved me to tears, and allowed me to fall in love with John and his wife, Hessa.”
“The Wife of John the Baptist is a book I’d recommend to both my Christian, and secular friends. It’s a great story no matter what your beliefs.
Now I’m curious as to what else K. Ford might write about.”
The Wife of John the Baptist is available on Amazon.

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