Telling Ghost Stories to Dogs

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From time to time we all wonder why we were put on this earth and I love the way everyone comes up with a different reason.  From the day I picked up a yellow pencil and scratched out my first sentence, I was convinced that I was put on this earth to write, to be a storyteller. From that day on I scribbled stories and fifteen-page, magnum opus novels.  I terrorized the neighborhood children with delicious ghost stories, until the adults begged me to stop.  After that I only told my scary tales to our partially deaf dog.   At least she never developed chronic insomnia.   I outlined adventure stories in my head when I was supposed to be paying attention in class.  I scrawled notes on everything.  And for the past thirty-five years, I’ve even been writing novels in my sleep.

So after thirty-five years of serious writing, four years of extensive research, loads of supportive friends, five publishers, three, almost successful book deals and one unethical agent whose name I can’t remember, The Wife of John the Baptist is finally published and available on Amazon!   

I know, I know John the Baptist isn’t supposed to have a wife but after all that research, what I discovered was that he probably did have a wife.  As a man of the rabbi class, he was expected to marry before his thirtieth birthday.  And according to Jewish tradition, ‘a wife was necessary to keep a rabbi out of trouble’.  Who can argue with that?  Besides the character of John’s wife in my novel is charming, wonderful and hopelessly flawed and I just love her.

So I’m very excited to announce that The Wife of John the Baptist is finally available at in paperback and Kindle.   This book means everything to me and I can’t wait to share it with the world.  Since word of mouth is so important, I wonder if you would be willing to share this information with all the readers in your life.  And if you want to buy a copy, that would be awesome!  I’ll even autograph it for you.   Aloha!  K.



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