Change on a Butterfly’s Wing

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Every day the girl sat in the garden and visualized her tremendous dreams for the future.


‘If only I could change and become the type of person who does all the things in my dreams,’ she thought.

‘I want to change,’ she thought.

(‘But I couldn’t do that.’)

‘I want to change.’

(‘But if I did that, everyone would be mad at me.’)

‘I want to change.’

(‘But it’s too hard.’)

‘I still want to change,’ she thought.

Day after day she sat in the garden, hoping for and resisting her dreams in equal measure.  The flowers bloomed and the butterflies came and went.

Eventually she forgot about her desire for change.  She forgot the dreaming, the hoping and the resistance to her own dreams.     Instead she sat in the garden, loving the beauty of it.

Then one day, she grew up.  She changed and became the type of person who did all the things in her dreams.  It wasn’t difficult.  All the days of dreaming and resisting the dreams had been difficult.  When change finally happened, it was as easy as the smallest flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”  ~Author Unknown



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