The Wife of John the Baptist

“A woman, in those days, did not count.  So even after we were married, people continued to say that John lived alone in the wilderness…

History and fiction merge beautifully in K. Ford K.’s vibrant, breathtaking novel about the mysterious man who became John the Baptist and the woman who loved him, his wife.

Hessa, the daughter of a rich Greek trader, has an unusual talent, but in preparation for her marriage to a wealthy man, she is taught that she will have no real destiny of her own.  Instead, she is to be the spinner of her husband’s fate and share his fate to her death.  But when Hessa meets a charismatic, young man named John, who is rumored to be a prophet, she falls in love and runs away to marry him.

Thrown into the turmoil of Roman-occupied Judea, Hessa struggles to protect her husband, but what if her actions unwittingly lead to the destiny she fears most?

The Wife of John the Baptist is a novel, rich with historical insight. It uncovers the mystery of a man who was greatly admired in his time, and who changed our way of thinking forever.

A victory of the heart, this intimate portrayal of a marriage is a tribute to the timeless and unshakable love that triumphs when all else is lost.




If you are looking for a biblical appendage then perhaps this isn’t for you. IF you are looking for an imaginative, well-written, engrossing story of possibilities then yep, pick up The Wife of John the Baptist and enjoy!
A young woman leaves behind her life of privilege once she meets and becomes entranced by the words of John. She gives up her wealth, her family, her slaves, her feasts and …the roof over head. She gets a traveling life with a tent for cover, she gets minimal help when required to feed followers of her husband, and she gets ostracized for her Greek heritage. BUT. And this is a big but….she gets a deep understanding of what motivates her husband, and she gets his devotion and appreciation.
Hessa is no saint. She suffers from jealousy, hunger, doubts, and sadness but she has an inner strength that makes her a paragon of women.
This book has truth, a touch of mysticism, and love. Open your mind to the possibilities.



Told in Hessa’s voice, K. Ford K. crafts a beautifully woven fictional account about a man of which very little is known.

“A compelling read.

In a fittingly imagined terrain, she transports the reader into the lives of John the Baptist, his wife Hessa and their journey together. Her talent for bringing the ancient past to life will captivate the reader with a fascinating and intriguing look at man who was during his time widely known, followed and respected.”


Captivating story and gorgeous prose. An original story set in a unique time period. A very satisfying experience. Highly recommended.”

“I had great expectations for this book by K Ford K, and it did not disappoint me, leaving me with the desire to hear/read/feel more from this author. It transported me to an individual’s life in another time and culture, and I felt as if I were a fly on a wall, observing it all. I loved the story’s unexpected twists and turns, a surprise for me around every corner.  When a story is portrayed so clearly, I am left hungry to watch more of the larger picture “movie”!

 “Incredible love story, gripping and hard to put down.

I heard of this author from her first novel and was excited to read the second release. This is an awesome love story, page turner and we highly recommend. It is an easy read and not too long. We bought four copies total and gave out to friends.”


Having been raised in a fundamental household, I’d heard the story of John the Baptist many times, but K. Ford’s new book brings it to life in a way the Bible never did.  Ford fleshes out John, giving him hopes, dreams, doubts and a wife.

I’ve often wondered if the Bible were just a Cliff Notes version of some really great stories that we’ll never hear. I don’t know where Ford did all of her research(she told me in an email that she’d done 4 years of research), but now we have a story that brings an important part of history alive. This book should be on the reading list of Christians so that they can grasp a real man behind the glossed over story of the man who baptized Jesus.  John feels so real, and totally unlike the wild man talked about in the Bible.

In fact, this would make a wonderful movie if any producers are listening.

The Wife of John the Baptist is a book I’d recommend to both my Christian, and secular friends. It’s a great story no matter what your beliefs. Now I’m curious as to what else K. Ford K. might write about.”  – Robin Landry


This novel is a rather unique blend of religion, history and the supernatural. Our protagonist is the daughter of a rich Greek merchant who can sense the history of people and objects merely by touching them. This by itself is a sufficiently unusual beginning to pique most interest and it only gets better from there.

One could easily and happily take in this whole book in a single sitting.

In summary, a beautifully wrought and detailed fiction wrapped around one of the most noted names in all of history.”

UNbelievably good

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did.  I got the book because I didn’t know John the Baptist had a wife so I was curious. The book was so good I read it in one sitting. It was romantic, sad, but had hope. It doesn’t have a religious feel to it more about love, life, and fate. I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a well told story.”

“Not being well versed in Bible studies, I found this a very interesting read. As mentioned by other Reviewers, there is the whole issue as to whether John the Baptist was ever married. But putting that aside, the novel gives a very good insight into what life was like during John the Baptist’s time.  Life was not easy for the common people, but it was even more difficult if one were involved in religion, and considered to be an enemy of the Roman king.

…it is evident throughout the novel that a great deal of study and research was entailed in putting the story together.  The reader certainly gets the feel that all the details of life at that time, roughly 2000 years ago, was exactly as portrayed throughout the story.  I really enjoyed this novel, and whether or not John the Baptist was married didn’t detract from my understanding of life in Biblical times.”

“K. Ford Kay is an excellent writer.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.”

“Enjoyed very much this humanizing of John the Baptist.  The Wife of John the Baptist shows John to be a passionate proponent of truth, yes, but also a man, a family man, with hopes and dreams, loves and fears. This well-told story often moved me to tears, and allowed me to fall in love with John and his wife, Hessa.”

 “Lovely, engaging story celebrates the role of women

K. Ford K.’s THE WIFE OF JOHN THE BAPTIST is a very unusual novel. She retells the story of John the Baptist from the perspective of his supposed wife…But this isn’t a religious novel so much as it is a love story, set along the banks of the River Jordan in Judea. …the novel is an affirmation of the strength and purpose of women at a time when women had little standing beyond their roles as wives and mothers.

What interested me most about K.’s novel is how this well-known biblical story becomes a very down-to-earth portrayal of ordinary people struggling with extraordinary events. John and Hessa are no different from married couples today – they make love, struggle with finances, worry about the future, and doubt each other in times of stress… it’s her strength and dedication that enables him to fulfill his role and influence history.”
“A Well-Written Tale

The Bible doesn’t mention a wife for the locust-and-honey-eating forerunner of the Christian savior, but as the titular wife here reasonably explains: ‘A woman, in those days, was not counted. So even after we were married, people continued to say that John lived alone in the wilderness.’ Hessa, who narrates the novel, tells of growing up ‘in Decapolis, south of the Sea of Galilee and west of the Jordan River, during the time when Judea was a Roman province.’

K.’s (The Concubine’s Gift, 2011) vivid writing engagingly depicts the ancient Middle East, describing ‘Phoenician traders from the sea coast, jewelers from Jerusalem, fine pottery merchants from Greece, lumber dealers from Syria and even magicians from Egypt.’ In a touch of magical realism, her merchant father values her ability to tell an object’s history simply by holding it.

Though he wants her to marry abroad to solidify his trading connections, her latent adventurousness makes her hesitant to marry at all, until one day in the marketplace she meets a man with “the beautiful, dark eyes of a wild girl.” When she touches John’s hand she knows he fears neither poverty nor death.

They marry against her father’s wishes and wander south together along the banks of the Jordan, living in a goatskin tent. Theirs is a Song of Solomon kind of marital bliss, yet Hessa fears the way John is drawn to an increasingly public life, attracting followers she must then find a way to feed as well as the attentions of the land’s Roman occupiers and Zealot rebels.

Though the story inevitably leads to John’s martyrdom, it is more so the story of a marriage rather than the tumultuous events that surrounded it…a well-written tale embroidering the life of one of Scripture’s most charismatic figures.” – Kirkus Review

“Excellent story, could not put it down. Easy to read and well written, will look for more books by this author.”




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