Upcoming Projects

The Fortune Teller’s Wife

An American woman married to a Japanese fortune teller is visited by the ghosts
of families killed during the American fire bombing of Tokyo during WWII and the ghosts have fascinating stories to tell her.

Coming November 2014


A captivating thriller about reincarnated saints on an unsaintly quest.

Shooting the Dog

A Memoir of the Imagination.

Sorrow of the Trees

A magical story about an unusual quest that is passed down from one generation of women to the next.

Water for Tortillas

When a young, Mexican mother and her baby are abandoned in a drought-ridden village, Death, in the form of an old man, entertains her with stories from his rich and colorful past.

The Girl with the Purple Father

A young girl, whose father’s skin was unnaturally darkened from silver poisoning, grows up in the midst of the Civil Rights Era.

And many more novels coming….