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The Wife of John the Baptist

“A woman, in those days, did not count.  So even after we were married, people continued to say that John lived alone in the wilderness…

History and fiction merge beautifully in K. Ford K.’s vibrant, breathtaking novel about the mysterious man who became John the Baptist and the woman who loved him, his wife.

fontcover-682x1024Hessa, the daughter of a rich Greek trader, has an unusual talent, but in preparation for her marriage to a wealthy man, she is taught that she will have no real destiny of her own.  Instead, she is to be the spinner of her husband’s fate and share his fate to her death.  But when Hessa meets a charismatic, young man named John, who is rumored to be a prophet, she falls in love and runs away to marry him.

Thrown into the turmoil of Roman-occupied Judea, Hessa struggles to protect her husband, but what if her actions unwittingly lead to the destiny she fears most?

The Wife of John the Baptist is a novel, rich with historical insight. It uncovers the mystery of a man who was greatly admired in his time, and who changed our way of thinking forever.

A victory of the heart, this intimate portrayal of a marriage is a tribute to the timeless and unshakable love that triumphs when all else is lost.

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The Concubine’s Gift

Bernice Babbitt, a sexually inhibited, thirty-nine-year-old woman, leads a peaceful life in the tiny resort town of Valentine, Nevada. Living only two miles from the famed bordello, The Honey Bunny Ranch, she can’t imagine what goes on behind its closed doors.
Things begin to change when Bernice buys an old, black-lacquer makeup case in an antique shop. The case once belonged to Blissful Night, the most famous and powerful concubine in Hong Kong. According to legend, Blissful Night could give a man more pleasure in one night than he would have experienced in an entire lifetime.THUMBNAIL_IMAGE
Inside the makeup case, Bernice discovers a forgotten jar of face powder, the secret to Blissful Night’s success. Thinking the face powder is an herbal concoction that will beautify her skin, Bernice begins to use it, only to find that the powder causes her to see visions of other people’s sex lives.
Bernice is horrified to discover that the only way she can rid herself of the visions is to blurt out sexual advice. Soon the entire town is in an uproar. But it isn’t until Bernice learns more about Blissful Night’s past that she knows what she must do.
The Concubine’s Gift is a delightfully sexy novel in which Bernice Babbitt is drawn into a seductive world she never knew existed. A provocative and entertaining Pandora’s Box of a tale!

A portion of the proceeds of the profits of this novel are donated to foundations which fight against child sex-trafficking.

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