The Concubine’s Gift

This novel contains some erotic scenes but it’s much tamer and light-hearted than  Fifty Shades of Grey!!

Some of the proceeds of the sale of this book are donated to foundations whose goal is to wipe out child sex trafficking and help the young victims.


“The Concubine’s Gift is a sweet romantic story with a little bit of spice.  I highly recommend this one for all contemporary romance lovers.”  – Vine Voice

“Entertaining, fun read full of richness and elegance!”  – MsRomanticReads
“A talented writer and unique story line. You won’t want to put it down! –  Trustworthy soul

Description Below!

Bernice Babbitt, a sexually inhibited, thirty-nine-year-old woman, leads a peaceful life in the tiny resort town of Valentine, Nevada.  Living only two miles from the famed bordello, The Honey Bunny Ranch, she can’t imagine what goes on inside its closed doors.

Things begin to change when Bernice buys an old, black-lacquer makeup case in an antique shop.   The case once belonged to Blissful Night, the most famous and powerful concubine in Hong Kong.  According to legend, Blissful Night could give a man more pleasure in one night than he would have experienced in an entire lifetime.

Inside the makeup case, Bernice discovers a forgotten jar of face powder with magical properties, the secret to Blissful Night’s success.  Thinking the face powder is an herbal concoction that will beautify her skin, Bernice begins to use it, only to find that the powder causes her to see visions of other people’s sex lives.

Bernice is horrified to discover that the only way she can rid herself of the visions is to

blurt out sexual advice.  Soon the entire town is in an uproar.  But it isn’t until she learns more about Blissful Night’s past that she knows what she must do.

The Concubine’s Gift is a delightfully sexy novel in which Bernice is drawn into a seductive world she never knew existed.  A  provocative and entertaining Pandora’s Box of a tale!

This novel contains some erotic scenes.

Reviews for The Concubine’s Gift

“I was really surprised by how much I loved The Concubine’s Gift. When I agreed to read and review it I thought the book was going to be an erotic novel of which I don’t mind reading from time to time but this was just a sweet romantic story with a little bit of spice.

Even though she is really inhibited Bernice blossoms into becoming more comfortable with her sexuality while helping others. She has a good core of friends that help her manage the visions and what comes with them. I also like the way the problem of the magical powder is resolved. Also there is a side story line that is tied up quite nicely in the end. I highly recommend this one for all contemporary romance lovers.”

“Finally, a positive novel about sex that is funny, warmhearted and smart, not to mention just plain hot!

The setting of this novel is delightful. Most of the story takes place in a quaint all-American town that is grappling with its own whore-house-filled history. The main characters are beautifully drawn, from the shy, sexually inhibited but much too curious Bernice Babbitt to wise old Mrs. Lin, sexpot Trina Trinket and a mysterious concubine named Blissful Night whose antique makeup case in the curious hands of Bernice Babbitt causes all the trouble.

My favorite part was the ending with its positive message about sex but I won’t reveal it here! My husband loved the erotic scenes that are sprinkled throughout. No matter what your favorite part may be, I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”

“Sexy and lovable and entertaining!
Main character Bernice Babbitt was wonderful and lovable! I wanted to hear more of their personal stories, especially Ruby’s! Would like to have heard more about Peony/Blissful Night’s story as well. A book focused on Ruby’s adventures and another book about Peony specifically would get my vote! I loved how this book approached sex with openness and unashamedly. I especially love how Bernice approached what she saw concerning her own daughter and how she handled that information.”
“This was a very entertaining read. The storytelling and the characters were bold and delightful. I highly recommend this book.”
“A great beach read for adults!
When I was contacted by the author about reading this book, I’ll admit the synopsis piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I was so busy it took me a month before I was able to finally start reading it. Once started, I flew right threw it in about a day and a half.

This is one of those fun, fast reads that you bring to the beach. It’s both funny and provocative, not quite a romance but most definitely an adult read. It’s a story about finding and being true to yourself, the role that family plays in our lives and the power of true friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Entertaining read!
I won this book in a giveaway. When I first received it I wasn’t sure what I would think but after reading it I loved it. Loved the ending especially. I also liked how one lady brought them all together. It was just a lovely story. I wish there was a second book. :)

Berenice loves antiques that are connected with anything erotic. When Mrs. Lin sells her a make up case with a stuck drawer that used to belong to a famous concubine, her curiousity gets the better of her and she gets the drawer opened. What she finds inside turns her life upside down and the whole towns is in a uproar.”

The Concubine’s Gift is a whimsical tale of a love and sex, and the importance of having both for a happy, fulfilling life. Bernice Babbitt is a shy, sexually repressed inkeeper in the small town of Valentine, NV, where she lives with her husband and two teenage children. Her life is changed when she purchases an old makeup case, which contains nothing but a small jar of face powder, which had reportedly been owned by a famous concubine. However, the powder is not merely make-up. In fact, it give Bernice the ability to see the sexual fantasies, past and future of the people around her. With the help of her four friends, Bernice finds her way through this experience, helping people and herself as well along the way.”
“A delightful short novel of sex, magic, and scandal in a small town.”

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